Movin’ On Up

April 19, 2009

It’s been a fun few days. This morning I met some fellow runners at Kennesaw Mountain for an early run. They run a running store in Ohio and were visiting friends in town so we managed to get together and do about 9 miles. It was cool especially since I haven’t run with someone else in probably a year or more.

Maybe I’m anti-social? Or maybe I just don’t shower enough? They didn’t say they detected any unsavory odors, so maybe I just don’t have enough friends crazy enough to go running.

The nine miles was a good warmup for tomorrow’s 16 miler in the morning. I’ve got four long runs before the marathon. I’m feeling confident and If I can get in some quality runs during the week I’ll be ready to go.

News! News! News!
On Sundays I’ll be writing exclusively to Lil’ Geek. I’d like to give something for the little ‘un to read years down the line and see what was going through my head as the pregnancy progressed. This means my long run reports will move to Monday.

Finally, I’m moving. To the east side. Movin’ on up. After Monday I’ll be found at http://fitnessgeek.theschulmans.org. Please update your links accordingly. I’m hoping to update the look of the site, and Mrs. Fitness Geek has convinced me this is the way to go. Hopefully it’ll be a better blog in a few months. Any suggestions are welcome. Monetary donations are more welcome.

Back tomorrow with the first message to Lil’ Geek. Hope you’re having a great weekend.


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  1. Good luck & have fun on your long run!

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