Lil Geek #1

April 19, 2009

You are so small, yet your impact on us has already been bigger than we could have imagined. I think of you often, imagine you yawning, stretching and doing your best to grow and grow and grow.

I worry too. That I won’t be able to give you everything and I hope you’ll forgive me in any ways that I fail you.

But these are not your concerns now. Yours is to grow and be healthy. My concerns are innumerable. I love you so much, yet we have not met. Although I have seen you. Your little heart beating so fast. That is nothing to how fast mine beats just thinking of you.

I have so much I want to show you, to teach you and to do with you. I can’t wait. Just eight months give or take and you’ll be here. I’m hoping these weekly notes will one day show you just what you meant to us. I doubt it though. There is no word in any language that defines our love for you.

Until then know that our hearts are yours and you are our everything.


One comment

  1. So much love, you’ll be great parents. I know it.

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