TIART – Why I Blog

April 16, 2009

I never thought I’d be blogging. Of course, a year ago I never thought I’d be running either, so there ya go. I started blogging as motivation, but also to chronicle this journey.

But more importantly, I started blogging and reading blogs because if you’re not a runner, you don’t understand. You don’t understand the need to talk about shoes, getting up at 5 am or doing a long run on a weekend.

So I started reading other blogs and began my own. I don’t read as many as I should for sheer lack of time. But I read as many as I can. I have few friends who run outside of bloggers, so this is my way to get my fix when I’m not on the road. I’m addicted to race reports. I love reading about other runners and their trials and difficulties on long runs and then the triumph on the big day. It’s good motivation.

Annnnnnnnnd over to Lost. What an episode last night. The geek in me laughed at the episode’s title, “Some like it Hoth.” And how great is Hurley?

I’ll be going for a run after work today. I’m still battling a sore throat and sinus funk, but hopefully that’ll clear up soon.



  1. So so so true “if you’re not a runner, you don’t understand”. I never thought my ‘running-blog’ would be motivating – but it really is! You never want to hop on and write the post “well…I’ve done Nothing recently. Exciting?! right? …..”

  2. Good point. When I started running I didn’t have anyone to talk to about my running who would quite understand!

  3. Feel better soon.

    And yes – my favorite conversations this season have been between Miles & Hurley πŸ™‚

  4. I think sometimes we come on here to find people as crazy as we are. πŸ™‚


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